Why nation mourns precious 152 lives of air crash?

By Syed Adnan Chishty

It was another mourning day for Pakistan but not in the backdrops of terrorism, however, this time, it was a deadly air crash occurred early on Wednesday morning (July 28, 2010) when an ill-fated commercial airbus of Air Blue airline crashed into wooded land of Margalla Hills, killing all aboard 152 passengers including two infants.
While the plane, enroute to Islamabad from Karachi, was preparing to land at Benazir International Airport in federal capital Islamabad in the face of incessant showers and rough weather, it came into parts after having crashed, prompting government to announce a day of mourning on Thursday as the national flag will hoist half-mast all over country in memory deceased passengers.
Addressing a press conference at PID media centre, Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Qaira said that Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has constituted a high-level inquiry team, which has started probe into tragic incident. However he said the black box of the plane has not been recovered so far, and search for it would continue on Thursday.
Political leaders, government officials, people and members civil society, leaders from all over the world including US president Obama, Afghan president Karzai, UN chief Ban-ki Moon have extended condolences with the heirs of dead passengers over sudden deaths.
Only 102 bodies have been recovered thus far and 55 among them have been identified while the remains are largely believed to have been torn apart up to the extent of disappearance.
Though the government has announced compensation grant of Rs0.5 million for the heirs of those died but nonetheless a human life can never get swap by any of the worldly means and it should too remain too meager to fill in the gap caused by the irreparable loss of victims.
A bigwig of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) revealed media on condition of anonymity that the aircraft crashed because of ‘pressure’ fault in the plane. The pressure disc or plate of plane was not working perfectly. The CAA often warns technical staff of airlines to change pressure discs to boom pressure but technical staff takes this matter non-seriously, he said.
He said that weather was not the reason of plane crash because other flights were taking off and landing perfectly. Concerned pilot could not handle the plane with dead pressure and it fell down, he said.
Now, the query here arises is of loosing over hundred priceless lives just because some persons rendered negligence of their responsibilities or the weather should be blamed but whoever is to blame, can the life of a single person come back now?  

2 Responses to Why nation mourns precious 152 lives of air crash?

  1. World Wide News Flash نے کہا:

    I found your entry interesting .Do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog.

  2. Farhan Ali نے کہا:

    What about reports regarding five survivours which was broken by Abdul Rehman Malik, interiro minister.

    Then reports regarding recovery of black box was on full swing on media.

    Now, they are still looking for black box.

    What would you see army helicopter coming straight away after crash and rescued five survivors, where are they?

    Didn’t army mistakenly shoot down plane after it violated ‘no fly zone’ in Islamabad, but on realization, army quickly got activated and resuced those survivors who could open their secret?

    And perhaps, the black box, if found, will tell the warnings that might have been sent from army officilas before shooting plane down?

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